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This comment makes a good conclusion of the theme of Saving Private Ryan. Why should these eight men save one soldier at the risk of death?These sentences give explanations. In order to allow more people to get out of the war and go back home, to achieve freedom and enjoy the colorful life, the squad members defended their positions. The friendship in the war and brotherhood are also bright points in the film.

In conclusion, this film has all the great factors to make it perfect, and anyone who wants to know about war should watch it.

If you think Saving Private Ryan is memorable,you are wrong.It’s more than that.It’s a milestone in the history of filmmaking.It’s a classic which should be considered as a masterpiece in a century from the day it was released,whereas the film like Shakespeare In Love which won the best motion picture that year(1998)would be swept away into the dustbin of forgettable cinema.Surely I have nothing against romance drama or a pure love comedy with a happy end.I think (500)days of summer was a deftly thoughtful and delightfully engaging tale of love of this year and I do believe shakespeare In Love has everything a romance movie should have.But think about it:It wins over Saving Private Ryan?I felt its my God-given duty to warn people not to judge a film based on Oscar. Saving Private Ryan is without a doubt one of the best war movies ever made and definitely deserves its position with Apocalypse Now,Full Metal Jacket and the initial effort of Steven Spielberg-Schindler’s List.
“There is always a story behind every flag”
In the very beginning of the film,we can see an waving American flag blowing in the wind which symbolized the history of the US was a experience of blood and tears.Then the scene flashed back to the D-Day(June 6th 1944)when a group of US soldiers led by Captain John Miller landed.What you’re gonna see next really showcases Steven Spielberg’s true talents.He brought you a spectacular 20-minute beach assault sequences with the use of flash bullets and squirting blood which just add to the effect of a killing ground where Only the dead can see the end of the war(Opening quote of Black Hawk Down ). Steven Spielberg used the Unbelievable camera shots and angles accompanied with the wonderful mise en scene to bring World War 2 to life and take you into action and make you feel as if you are a participant in the movie and not just a viewer. The violence and gore was shocking and disturbing but that is what war about. It's hard to picture the brutality of war being any worse than what you saw from this film,but I do believe this is as graphic as it gets.
“The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug.”
This is the opening quote from another war movie-Hurt Locker. WAR IS A DRUG.Yes,it is. Remember the german POW(prisoners in war) who was released by captain Miller?He dug and begged like a miserable cunt for the horror of death and the hope of life,and he did it.Captain Miller spared his life and asked him to walk 1000 miles away(I might be wrong with the figure)with eyes covered,but what happened next?He came back to them with loaded guns,killed Mellish with a dagger right stabbed in his heart and ignored Upham(the first one who tried to spare his life)with a despised look and that’s probably why Upham only killed him among other surrending soldiers at last to Redeem himself.Not unlike the Hurt Locker who cannot live without disabling the bombs,this german solider is unable to live without killing.Not only could war dehumanize our nature but also develop our lust for destruction.
This movie is strong ,good script,fantastic cinematography,great casting,excellent acting and over-the-top directing.If you don’t know what war is about,you should go check out this truly great motion picture.It’s a must see.
Dare I say it,since it was realsed in 1998 with the unstoppable force of a runaway train,no film ever came close to the sheer great of Spielberg’s masterpiece!!!(Maybe Quentin’s Ingolourious Basterds? LoL…that’s another story.)
P.S. I think this review just might be my masterpiece.

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Because of the cruelty in the war, it is interesting to see how different people behave in it. What is the most important when facing death? Is it the mission or one’s own life, or comrades’ lives? This is a question so hard to answer, but the war gives you no time to think. So everyone shows his true personality. Heroes are those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for something they think is more important, and we cannot blame those who just want to save their own lives in the war, because it is our instinct to stay alive, let alone we have family. The soldiers in the film were all brave and eager to beat the enemy and win the war, but when the crucial moment came, they were different. The film doesn’t try to blame or criticize any one. It just shows the audience what really happened and let us comment. Maybe everyone is guilty, maybe everyone is pitiful. The war not only tested everyone, but also changed them. For example, the soldier who hided himself when his comrade was fighting with enemy and will die without help finally found courage. Another advantage of this film is that it also shows what the enemies do. The enemies were not devil, they were also common people who just follow the orders, but they have to be killed because of the war. This gives audience more aspects to think.

After experiencing lots of difficulties, the squad found Ryan in a battlefield. But the brave soldier Ryan who had a strong sense of responsibility was not willing to leave his comrades in the battlefield. So the squad decided to fight with the large number of enemies ahead with Ryan and other soldiers. As a result, six people in the eight-member squad died.

The first thing to mention is that it shows the real war to the audience. What really happens in a war? What will a normal soldier experience in a war? Maybe some people still think the experience is glorious and exciting, but they will no more assume it like this after watching this film. What really happened in the war is more ruthless than imagination, even if you have had mental preparation before watching it. Whether the director has exaggerated the bloodiness of the war? Someone has made a comparison between the film and the history: the image from the film is so similar to the photos taken in the real war. The film showed respect to the history from the whole scene to every detail. The warships, planes, tanks and the guns and clothes are all the same with history. The first 20 minutes of the film show the famous Normandy Landing, and the bloodiness of the combat makes it a famous fragment in the film history. The reality shown in this film is one of the factors that make it great.

John Miller was chosen as the caption of the rescue squad. He hurried to pick several excellent soldiers and a staff officer who could speak German and French as the squad members. When other soldiers were resting, Miller’s eight-member squad began to look for Ryan, who was in the unknown area controlled by Germans.

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During World War II, the U.S. and U.K. army landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. To insure the victory, Private James Ryan , and his troops --101st Airborne Division, are airdropped behind the German front-lines. Unfortunately, all his three brothers were killed in action at the same time. In order to prevent the unfortunate mother from losing all her four sons, the U.S. command decided to send a special squad to look for James Ryan and take him back safely.

I cannot give more praise to this film. In fact, I think it is ranked No.1 in all the films about war. It accidentally missed the best film in the 71th Oscar Award, but it is such a success that people don’t think it needs an Oscar to show its status in the film industry. Of course, it won other awards in the Oscar, such as the best director, the best actor, the best original screenplay, the best cinematography and so on. Directed by Spielberg, one of the best directors ever, the film is nearly perfect.

There is a wonderful line in the film: To the world, you are a soldier; to your mother, you are the whole world. If you insist that this task is not worth, from now on, live carefully, become a good person, be kind to others, and you would learn more from this film.

Ryan was an American paratrooper during World War II, After Normandy Landing, he was trapped in the enemy rear and lost contact with the headquarters. Meanwhile, his three brothers all lost their lives during the war. To prevent his mother from losing all her children, the US General Headquarters sent a squad of 8 members to find him and let him go home. The 8 men experienced unimaginable danger in the enemy rear, and some of them lost their lives during the combat. This let them think whether it is worth to sacrifice others’ lives to save just one man. Finally they found Ryan, the man they had never met before. To their surprise, Ryan was not willing to leave the battlefield, because he had been fought with his comrades since the beginning of the war, and he didn’t want to quit half way. The enemy came shortly after then, and they had to fight together. In the end, they won the combat and Ryan was saved, but it cost many soldiers’ lives.

According to Mark Heisler in his Los Angeles Times review entitled “The mission is a man. In the Last Great Invasion of the Last Great War, The Greatest Challenge for Eight Men was Saving One. There were only one man left in the family, and the mission was to save him.

When we talk about films about war, especially about the Second World War, we cannot skip the film Saving Private Ryan. It has already become a classic, and deserves to be watched again and again.

It can only happen in the war that six people’s lives in exchange for the life of one person. War changes people’s value of life. The soldiers kill enemies or save comrades only to complete their tasks, and then, go back home. Some media also talked about this controversial issue.

澳门新萄京4473,Miller was the last man who died in the squad, before his death, Miller entrusted to Ryan: Earn it. What can be understood as" Keep living "or" It is worth saving you”。 In order to ensure this action to be worthy, Ryan must keep living and have a good and meaningful life. Miller wanted to tell his died comrades and himself, “This is all worthwhile!”


Saving Private Ryan, a film related to World War II, directed by Spielberg, received critical acclaim upon screening. The upsurge of Saving Private Ryan is not only because it is realistic visual impact, what is more important, this film led to an argument about lives.

When facing all kinds of dangers and death of teammates one by one, the squad members gradually began to doubt the rationality of this task. Is it worthy of saving one soldier at the risk of losing eight soldiers’ lives? The journey of salvation tested every member’s value of human nature.

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